This site is for the support of Ed Angel & Dave Shreiner, Interactive Computer Graphcs, 8th Edition, Pearson Education, 2020. The book is available only in an electronic format through Pearson. Previous editions may be available in hard copy formats. See for support of previous editions which is also linked to this site’s home page.

Solutions to the odd numbered non-programming exercises are on the site. Instructors who have adopted 8E can obtain a full set of solutions from their Pearson representative.

PPT Lectures: These lectures are based on an on-line course Ed taught in 2014 which used 7E. Ed has up dated all of them from WebGL 1.0 to WebGL 2.0. Each lecture corresponds to a video from the course and they vary in length.The order of lectures differs a little from 8E. At some point, we’ll add some additional lectures that cover the new material in 8E.

Code: Includes code for all the examples in 8E including the code that generated most of the screen shots used for examples. There are also some additional examples. All the code uses WebGL 2.0. Code for most of the basic examples using WebGL 1.0 is available on the 7E site.


Dave’s present affiliation is Unity Technologies. Also note that our short biographies on the Pearson site are 10 years old. Why? Ask Pearson.

More problematic is that the color highlighting of the code in the text is almost completely wrong. Please pretend it’s still black text on a white background. Hopefully, Pearson will fix this problem some time soon.